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My Mission

My mission is to offer advanced professional development through high quality consultation and continuing education, with creativity and innovation, to like-minded mental health professionals. 

Professional development

Live real-time webinars focused on EMDR, IFS,

IFS-Informed EMDR, & advanced integrative topics.

On-demand, online distance learning opportunities at and 

Syzygy Institute.

Professional consultation in EMDR, IFS & IFS-Informed EMDR.

IFS-Informed EMDR Therapist directory

I am retired from direct therapy services and not accepting referrals. You can go to Syzygy Institute to search for a Certified IFS-Informed EMDR (IIE) Therapist via our IIE-certified therapist directory, or our step two & three trained therapist database. 

"Act well without attachment to the fruits of your actions."

Bhagavad Gita

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