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YouTube Videos

I have published a number of YouTube videos on the topics of EMDR, IFS, & Coherence Therapy.

Here are descriptions and links to those:

Animated introduction to Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) for individuals or groups learning the model. Also, an initial guide to 'going inside' for new IFS clients exploring their inner system of parts.

This is a very short animated video about Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS).

This is a short video intended as a brief basic introduction to EMDR for clients, or to include in any training for therapists new to EMDR.

This is a narrated slide show discussing IFS applications to EMDR. This is further informed by Memory Reconsolidation research and Coherence Therapy. 

This is a short video of Bruce discussing how adding Coherence Therapy ideas to IFS-Informed EMDR practice can enhance the work with greater precision.

Very brief animated slides about IFS-Informed EMDR content relating to the role of energy in ego states/parts as it pertains to burdens and distress. In particular, protector urges and subjective measurement scales.

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